WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical

Blueberry Custard E-Juice 120ml By Overloaded E-juice

Blueberry Custard E Juice 120ml By Overloaded E Juice

  • $14.95

Loaded E Liquids now has a sister line of vape juice flavors that bring you the best in custards with Overloaded E Juice. We are excited to present to you Blueberry Custard by Overloaded which has a true blueberry taste with a perfectly sweet custard flavor to compliment it.

Upon inhale you get a rich and smooth hit of of custard sweetness while maintaining a solid balance with its creaminess. As you exhale you get a sweet but tart tasting blueberry flavor that envelops the custard aspect. When the two flavors come together in the aftertaste, they make for a spot on blend of fresh blueberry and delightful custard.

This vape juice flavor, along with the rest of the Overloaded line, are available to order online here or you can come pick up your 120ml squeeze bottle from our vape shop.