Phenom E Juice 60ml By Drip Cult

  • $17.95

Phenom By Drip Cult is a brand new vape juice that is overtaking the candy lovers of the industry. This rainbow flavored lollipop inspired e liquid is a blast from the candy shop with a sweet and scrumptious palette-pleasing taste.

Immediately upon inhale your taste buds are met with a sweet sugar-filled taste of different candies. As you exhale, that sugary base flavor develops into a rainbow of fruit flavors for a flash back to the candy store as a child. The aftertaste is truly a Phenom(enal) mix of flavors, leaving you with a candied blend of different fruity aspects and a thirst for more. This explosive vape juice is packed into a 60ml squeeze bottle for easy transportation and filling.

Flavor Profile: Rainbow Lollipop

VG/PG Ratio:70/30

Nicotine Level: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Bottle Size: 60ml